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March: Namco Ltd. (of Japan), via Namco-America, Inc., took over the Funtasia games arcade at San Francisco's Pier 39, which featured bumper cars and more than 100 games. (source)

June 6: Date of agreement between Namco Ltd. (of Japan) (Atari Games Corporation major shareholder) and Atari Games whereby all stocks of Atari Games owned by Namco through Namco-America, 4.6 million shares or 43.8% of the total outstanding shares of Atari Games, would be sold back to Atari Games.  Under the agreement, through Namco-America, Namco would acquire Atari Operations, Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Atari Games which operated about 40 arcade in the West and Southeast of the U.S.  The transactions were to be implemented by July 10, 1990. (GM 7/1/90 p34 A spokesman for Atari Games valued the transaction at $20 million. (SFChron 6/26) 

June 14: Namco Ltd. (of Japan) announced that it would dissolve its capital connection with Atari Games, as well as acquire the Atari Operations subsidiary of Atari Games, under an agreement reached with Atari Games on June 6, 1990, with implementation by July 10, 1990. (GM 7/1/90 p34; Cash Box 7/28/90 p29)

July 17: Internally, Atari Games announced that the sale of Atari Operations, Inc. to Namco (under the agreement of June 6, 1990) had been finalized. (source As a subsidiary of Namco-America, Atari Operations would continue operations at more than 40 "Barrel of Fun" and "2001" entertainment center locations in the western and southeastern U.S.  Atari Operations would also assume responsibility for Funtasia at Pier 39, San Francisco, on behalf of Namco-America.

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Atari Operations

Kevin Hayes, previously Atari Games EVP Atari Operations, became Namco-America EVP Atari Operations.  Richard W. Adams remained Atari Operations VP Southern Region, and David L. Bishop remained Atari Operations VP Western Region.

July 17: Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation for Atari Operations, Inc. was executed by Atari Operations president Masahiro Tachibana and secretary Jerald P. Shaevitz, changing the name of the company to: Namco Operations, Inc.

July 23: The name of Atari Operations, Inc. was changed to: Namco Operations, Inc.

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Namco Operations

October 5: Namco Operations launched the Cyber Station name and concept, planning to implement it at all existing and future locations, and thereby planning to phase-out the Funtasia, Barrel of Fun, 2001, and Atari Expo concepts. (trademark "first use anywhere" date)

December 21: Namco Operations opened the first Cyber Station location (possibly Pier 39 at San Francisco, as the first and flagship location for the new Cyber Station concept?). (trademark "first use in commerce" date)

June 1: Namco Operations officers included CEO Masahiro Tachibana, secretary Jerald P. Shaevitz, and CFO Masahiro Tachibana.  Directors included Ryuji Hashiguchi, Shunji Iki, and Masahiro Tachibana.  Address: 3255-1 Scott Blvd, Suite 102, Santa Clara CA.

September 1: Namco Ltd. of Japan, which opened its first Cyber Station Amusement Zone two years earlier in the U.S., would have 54 such entertainment spots by year end. (WSJpB1)

December 21: Namco announced the purchase of Aladdin's Castle, Inc., operator of 276 Aladdin's Castle arcades locations.  Separately, Namco Operations now owned about 50 arcades (primarily operating as Cyber Station).

March 1:
Namco Operations, Inc. officers: president & CFO Kevin Hayes, VP David L. Bishop, VP Richard W. Adams, secretary A. Shunji Iki, assistant secretary Don Davis.  Namco Operations directors: Hayes, Bishop, Adams, Iki, Masahiro Tachibana, William Pelafas, Keiji Tanaka

May 24: Namco Operations officers included CEO Masahiro Tachibana, secretary A. Shunji Iki, and CFO Kevin Hayes.  Don Davis was assistant secretary.  Address: 3255-1 Scott Blvd, Suite 102, Santa Clara CA

May 20: Certificate of Merger of Namco Operations, Inc. into Aladdin's Castle, Inc. was executed by Namco Operations president Kevin Hayes and secretary William T. Pelafas.

June 1: Namco merged its Namco Operations, Inc. subsidiary into its Aladdin's Castle, Inc. subsidiary, which was renamed Namco Cybertainment, Inc.


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