Merchandising, ISSN 0362-3920, Volume 4, Number 1, January 1979, page 55.

Introducing Atari 800

Introducing Atari 800™ Personal Computer System

The personal computer with expandable memory, advanced peripherals, and comprehensive software so it will never become obsolete.

How sophisticated can a personal computer be if it's outdated in a year? Or in even a month?

Well, Atari solves that problem by introducing the Timeless Computer--the Atari-800™.

It's the top-of-the-line personal computer system with more adaptability. That's because of its expanded memory, a variety of peripheral components, and a comprehensive software library. The Atari-800™ is designed to change as your customers' needs change.

The Atari-800™ can be easily used by people with no previous computer experience without compromising capability for the sophisticated user who wants to write specialized software. Storage and manipulation of large data bases ranging from stock market analysis to inventory control will allow the Atari-800™ to find its way into uses never before imagined.

In addition, the Atari-800™ is an instructional tool that speaks to you, asks questions, and uses the TV screen as its blackboard. Available subjects range from Algebra to Zoology.

And the games!

The most sophisticated action and thinking games ever, with excitement, sounds, and color never imagined before. Like Basketball, Chess, and Stock Market, just to name a few.

The Atari-800™. The only computer your customers will ever need to buy.

The Atari-800™. The Timeless Personal Computer System.

© Atari 1979
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