Merchandising, ISSN 0362-3920, Volume 4, Number 1, January 1979, page 54.

Introducing Atari 400

Introducing Atari 400™ Personal Computer System

The affordable home computer that's easy to use
even for people who've never used a computer before.

Atari, the company that brings thousands of hours of fun into your customers' homes with the Atari Video Computer System™, now adds a new product concept to the fast-growing personal computer market with the Atari-400™.

The Atari-400™ is the "general purpose" home computer designed by people for people. Because of its advanced engineering, it's easy to use. Because of its affordable price, it's easy to sell.

With the Atari-400™, your customers will discover one of the simplest ways to educate at home. That's because it has the advanced capabilities of talking and teaching on home TVs with Atari's exclusive audio/digital cassettes. Currently, the Atari educational program library has a selection of 20 subjects to choose from ranging from Algebra to Zoology.

As for helping your customers run their households, the Atari-400™ can be used for personal finances, record keeping, and most other home business matters.

Plus, Atari-400™ offers the most sophisticated thinking and action games ever.

That's a lot of ways to offer your customers an easier and better life with one easy-to-use personal computer. You'd have to agree, it's a good enough reason why they'll make the Atari-400™ their first home computer.

The Atari-400™. The affordable, easy-to-use home computer, offering your customers the benefits of the computer world. And at the same time, opening up a whole other world for family life.

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