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Computers for people.

Computers for people.

What computer people are saying about Computers for people.

Atari graphics and sounds stand in a class by themselves."
David D. Thornburg
Compute Magazine, November/December 1980

"Its superiority lies in three areas: drawing fancy pictures (in color), playing music, and printing English characters onto the screen.  Though the Apple can do all these things, Atari does them better."
Russell Walter
"Underground Guide to Buying a Computer"
Published 1980, SCELBI Publications

"The Atari machine is the most extraordinary computer graphics box ever made..."
Ted Nelson
Creative Computing Magazine, June 1980

" well packaged that it is the first personal computer I've used that I'm willing to set up in the living room."
Ken Skier, OnComputing, Inc. Summer 1980

"...well constructed, sleekly designed and user-friendly--expect reliable equipment, and strong maintenance and software support
Videoplay December, 1980

To find out about the ATARI® 800 Computer first hand, ask your local computer dealer for a hands-on demonstration.
Or call, 800-538-8547 (In California 800-672-1404)


Computers for people.

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