Creative Computing, vol 7, no 5, May 1981, page 41.

We're Having a Creativity EXPLOSION!

We're Having a Creativity


Is the Sky the Limit?

The opportunities are stellar -- filled with all the professional challenge you might envision.  Move up to ATARI, on the SAN FRANCISCO PENINSULA, where your design & development talents will fit right in with our momentum.  Consider these newly created opportunities in our Coin-Op Division and our Consumer Division which includes Video Computer System (VCS) and Personal Computers (PCS), where we are the pacesetters in the industry:

Microprocessor Programmers
Discover the excitement in the programming of coin-operated video games.  In this incredible growth area, we need programmers with a BSCS or equivalent experience.  Assembly language experience necessary; microprocessor experience and interest in games in desirable.  (Refer to Job MP)

Microprocessor Programmer
You'll find unlimited avenues for your creativity with your involvement in our VCS cartridges, toys & games products.  Assembly programming on mini or microprocessors, real-time control programming, hardware background and BSEE/CS or Math plus 1-3 years experience would make you an ideal candidate. (Refer to Job MP)

Sr. Software Developer
Step into our PCS Division and design & develop software in the areas of personal interest, entertainment, professional development -- and more!  Your in-depth experience of 5-10 years coupled with software design & development in real-time, interactive, graphics systems are key professional tools; Microprocessor background preferred.  Writing and artistic talents plus systems analysis and specifications development background would be ideal.  Degree or equiv. required. (Refer to Job SSD)

Sr. Communications Software Developer
Help develop telecommunications systems of the future where thousands of ATARI Personal Computer users tie into international networks.
Your 4 or more years of experience in communications hardware and software on central-on terminal-systems will open our door for you.  Software design & development skills are essential.  Set your path for terrific career growth. (Refer to Job SCSD)
Sr. Microprocessor Programmers
Enjoy the satisfaction in developing programming for microprocessor controlled test equipment design in our Programmable Interactive Test System for the Personal Computer line.  You will have the opportunity to work with minimal supervision on long-range projects.  BSEE/CS (or equivalent) preferred, with 3-5 years experience in microprocessor programming, including Assembly language experience on 6502 (preferred) or 6800. (Refer to Job SMP)

Sr. Microprocessor Programmer
If your expertise is on Data General equipment, with programming in DGL and ALGOL, you will enjoy working on development of programming for our Data General controlled test equipment design.  Minimum supervision on long-range projects.  Bachelors degree or equivalent (BSEE/CS preferred); along with 3-5 years experience on Data General equipment preferred. (Refer to Job SMP)

Software Product Management Engineers
You will draw on all your talent and experience in developing business plans for system software and languages -- including product specification, merchandising plans, manuals, and sales literature.  You will also have responsibility for schedule review and reporting.  Ideally, you have a college degree (or equivalent) plus 6-10 years experience in one or more of the following: software development/contract management of educational products, business products, professional development, or systems software.  You must have ability to communicate with a variety of departments involved in software development. (Refer to Job SPME)

ATARI provides you the ultimate State-of-the-Art environment complemented by exceptional salaries & benefits which include Company-paid Employee Life-Health/Disability/Dental Insurance, plus a Sabbatical Leave Policy which offers 7 weeks paid leave of absence after 7 years continuous service with ATARI.  Please send your resume, including salary history, or contact our Employment Department, Mail Station OS, ATARI, INC., 1265 Borregas Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086.  (408) 745-2030.  We are an equal opportunity employer.


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