Creative Computing, vol 7, no 11, November 1981, page 25

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3.7 million reasons why the ATARI Personal Computer is something to see.
The display screen used with our computers is composed of 192 horizontal lines, each containing 320 dots. Delivering color and luminosity instructions to each dot for a second requires 3.7 million cycles...a lot of work for the normal 6502 processor.

That's why the ATARI computer has equipped its 6502 with its own electronic assistant. It's called ANTIC, and it handles all the display work, leaving the 6502 free to handle the rest. What this means to you is uncompromisingly spectacular display capabilities without loss of computer power needed to carry out the demands of your program.

That's a quality you just don't find in ordinary personal computers. And it's one of the reasons some computer experts say that ATARI computers are so far ahead of their time.

There's more...which is what you'd expect from ATARI.

Language. The ATARI Personal Computer uses several programming languages to give the user maximum control of its extraordinary capabilities. PILOT, Microsoft BASIC,* and ATARI BASIC are understood and spoken by the ATARI computer. You'll also find our Assembler Editor cartridge indispensable for machine language programming.

Sound. An ATARI computer has four sound generators, or voices, activated by a separate microchip. This leaves the principal microprocessor chips free to perform other tasks. And you can take full advantage of this capability which is designed for easy programming.

Change. ATARI Personal Computers have been designed to make change and expansion easy. The ATARI computer has a modular operating system* that can be easily replaced as new technology develops. If you need it, memory expansion requires no more than inserting additional RAM modules.* And the ATARI ROM cartridge system also makes it easy to change languages. In short, your ATARI computer won't be obsoleted by future developments...because it already incorporates the future.

Sharing. To learn more about the amazing capabilities of ATARI computers, visit your local computer store for a demonstration. Or send for our Technical User's Notes, intended for the serious programmer. They are only $27 and contain a lot more information about our computers' special capabilities than most companies could tell. See your ATARI dealer, or send $30 ($27 plus $3 postage and handling), payable to ATARI, to Technical User's Notes, c/o ATARI Customer Service, 1340 Bordeaux Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA. 94086.

*ATARI 800™ computer only.

Computers for people™.

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